Washington, D.C. — The New Civil Liberties Alliance, a nonprofit civil-rights organization and public-interest law firm, filed an amicus brief supporting a petition for rehearing en banc in the case of United States v. Jeffery Havis before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati. NCLA is particularly disturbed by the spreading practice of extending judicial “deference” to commentary to the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Stinson v. United States, a 1993 Supreme Court case, held Sentencing Commission commentary that interprets guidelines may be cited as binding authority when courts issue sentences for criminal defendants.

NCLA Executive Director and General Counsel, Mark Chenoweth released the following statement:

“Rarely does a court encounter a more compelling case for en banc review than U.S. v. Havis. Stinson deference is nothing more than a command that courts abandon their duty of independent judgment and assign weight to a non-judicial entity’s interpretation of the law. Although NCLA acknowledges that the Supreme Court has instructed courts to defer to this commentary when interpreting the text of the federal Sentencing Guidelines, this deference regime raises grave constitutional concerns that the Supreme Court has never considered nor discussed. Rehearing en banc is warranted to enable the Sixth Circuit as a whole to consider these oft-overlooked or disregarded constitutional concerns.”

NCLA requests that the petition for rehearing en banc should be granted.

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