“I, RAYMOND J. LUCIA, SR. declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true:

1. I am a 68 year-old resident of San Diego, California and a citizen of the United States. I make this declaration in support of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

2. I began working in the field of retirement planning in the insurance industry in 1974. I became an investment professional advising clients about retirement strategies in approximately 1985. During my roughly 40-year career, I founded several companies, employed scores of people, advised hundreds of clients, wrote three books on retirement planning, and hosted “The Ray Lucia Show,” a nationally syndicated, live call-in, radio and TV show. Until December 15, 2011, I was a registered investment advisor.

3. Before the SEC filed its enforcement proceeding against me in September 2012, neither I nor Raymond J. Lucia Companies, Inc. had ever been fined or disciplined by the SEC or any other regulatory body nor the subject of any disciplinary proceeding.”

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