Click HERE to listen to NCLA’s Caleb Kruckenberg discuss the Aposhian v. Whitaker case.

Caleb Kruckenberg – litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA). Caleb has broad legal experience, often adverse to the government. He developed his principled opposition to the administrative state from his experiences as a criminal defense attorney after witnessing one too many prosecutions arising from technical violations of impenetrable regulations. He talks to us about the NCLA Bump Stock ban lawsuit.

Michael Woodland – the co-host of the Black Man With A Gun Podcast with Kenn Blanchard. Michael also owns Munitions Weapons Tactical. He is a certified NRA Instructor giving classes on the handgun and AR platform rifle to provide a service to the community and organizations that care to pursue the continuing education of firearm safety and training. He has served in the Military and since his departure his mission is to pass his knowledge on to the public through his journey in the 2A community, which includes two GoFundMe effort including Operation Training Day.