​NCLA’s Executive Director Mark Chenoweth hosts NCLA’s Lunch & Law with special guest, former White House Counsel to President Trump, the Hon. Don McGahn, in the wake of two Executive Orders issued by the White House recognizing and addressing the problem of abusive regulatory guidance. “Bringing Guidance out of the Darkness” and “Transparency and Fairness” will force transparency and accountability upon federal agencies who too often regulate through unlawful shortcut “guidance” in order to circumvent the notice-and-comment rulemaking process that the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) mandates for binding regulations. NCLA believes binding agency guidance is unconstitutional. Since July of 2018, we’ve filed 21 anti-guidance petitions requesting that federal agencies stop promulgating and enforcing guidance that purports to legally bind individual Americans and small businesses. The President’s Executive Orders are a giant step in meeting NCLA’s request. Learn what the EOs mean to the goal of preventing unlawful guidance, what steps will happen next, and how you can lend a hand to this ongoing effort. Don’t miss this insightful discussion.