On March 2, 2021, the Wall Street Journal wrote the article, “Biden’s Hurdle: Courts Dubious of Rule by Regulation,” regarding President Biden’s swift executive orders and organizations like NCLA that are troubled by the modern trend of using executive orders in place of legislation.

NCLA’s Executive Director and General Counsel, Mark Chenoweth, joins AM870’s “Morning Answer,” with Jennifer Horn and guest co-host Don Dix to discuss the influx of executive orders seen in the Biden administration. President Joe Biden has signed around 40 executive orders to date, nearly as many as the past four presidents combined at this point in their terms. NCLA is raising concerns.

Key Points:

•12 states have sued the Biden administration over climate executive orders.

•We are right around 40 [executive orders] and counting. It is a breathtaking avalanche of executive action.

• You do see the administrative state bending over backward to accommodate the policy requests and the desires of the Biden administration.

• That’s the main issue with executive orders. They are not supposed to be binding outside the executive branch.

• There isn’t a warrant that goes along with that kind of search and warrantless search is one of the things that NCLA is pushing back against.