Fear not fellow commissioners here at the SEC, Our
ALJs will all survive Cochran and Jarkesy, Though
Courts may use due process we’ll evade Article 3, No one
Ever wins against our agency, Our agency, No one ever wins against our agency

The process is the punishment, for years we will delay, The
People will capitulate, we’ll gag them where they lay, Or we’ll
Just dismiss these cases ‘fore they see the light of day, Forget
All those control deficiencies, Deficiencies, No one ever wins against our agency

But what about N C L A, They’re winning can’t you see?
Our cases fall apart before judicial scrutiny, The
Circuits and Supremes keep setting all our victims free, If they
Keep winning ‘gainst our agency, Our agency, Civil Liberties could stop our agency

You Can Help Protect Civil Liberties from the Administrative State

Administrative power deprives Americans of their freedom to govern themselves through laws made solely by legislators of their own choosing. It denies them their freedom to be tried only in courts, by judges who exercise independent judgment. It undermines almost all the Constitution’s procedural rights, including jury rights and the due process of law. And it facilitates the suppression of substantive rights, such as those of speech and religion.

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  • Defend the right of Americans to live under state and federal laws made by their elected legislators.
  • Challenge one-sided agency adjudication to assure defendants timely access to impartial and independent judges, juries, and the due process of law.
  • Demand that judges exercise independent and unbiased judgment, without deference to self-interested administrative agencies.
  • Invite Americans of all perspectives and walks of life to join in a movement to protect their shared rights of speech, privacy, property, juries, and due process.

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