NCLA Internship Spotlight

Joshua Marin-Mora

Communications & Marketing


Law School: Georgetown University

Expected Graduation: 2021

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Campus Activities: Georgetown University Student Association Senator

Hobbies: Traveling, volunteer work, reading

What were your duties as an NCLA intern?

Work in the Communications & Marketing Department

What did you most enjoy about your internship?

Working alongside great people and developing new skills in a field that I have had little exposure to in the past!

How might you use what you’ve learned later in your professional career?

I hope to take the skills that I have developed here with me into whichever job I may find myself as I pursue a career in government/politics.

Any advice for other students who want to intern at NCLA in the future?

I find that the most important thing is to give each task 110% and to be open minded! I have learned a lot about not only communications and marketing, but also about administrative law and the impact it has on folks all over the country!