You Can Help NCLA Set Priorities for 2022

This survey asks you to prioritize NCLA’s various issue areas to match your priorities. You do so by indicating whether the issue is a high priority, somewhat high priority, neutral, somewhat low priority or low priority for you. After the survey, we will ask about your interest in NCLA’s forthcoming programs and resources.

We really appreciate your taking the time to help guide us in 2022.

Low PrioritySomewhat Low PriorityNeutralSomewhat High PriorityHigh Priority
Challenge federal vaccine mandates on behalf of those with naturally acquired immunity, who risk losing their jobs if they don’t comply.
Stop the Securities and Exchange Commission from dictating board diversity requirements on Nasdaq listed companies.
Overturn Chevron deference, which requires judges to defer to agencies’ interpretations of a statute rather than exercising their own independent judgment.
Prevent random people from weaponizing the National Labor Relations Board investigatory process against others with whom they disagree.
Stop the IRS from seizing the financial data of cryptocurrency holders across the country without any particularized suspicion of wrongdoing and in violation of their 4th Amendment rights.
Restore Americans’ 4th and 5th Amendment rights by putting an end to government agencies’ unwarranted use of surveillance technology like Automated License Plate Readers and mandatory GPS tracking devices.
End Kangaroo Courts on college campuses and restore due process to Title IX proceedings.