Amicus Brief: Feds for Medical Freedom, et al. v. Biden, et al.


The Rodden Plaintiffs are all civilian employees with natural immunity to Covid-19 and are faced with an order by their employer, the Federal Government, which requires each to undergo a medical procedure that is unnecessary to them and of no use to any legitimate need of their employer. The President of the United States and the agencies he directs have no power to direct their personal medical decisions, and this is particularly so when the vaccines they require are non- sterilizing, that is do not prevent transmission of Covid-19 to other employees, were at the time of filing of the Complaint (and some still are), only authorized for emergency use, and, in any event, less efficacious than natural immunity in preventing reinfection with Covid-19.

To grant such a vast and uncabined power over the health decisions of federal employees to the agencies on such vague language implicates the non-delegation doctrine and major questions doctrine and the Court should not readily read such immense power into the law. Deference to administrative agencies is particularly unwarranted in the Covid-19 context as the assertions of the agencies have so often been contrary to facts and reason.

The instant stay protects the Rodden Plaintiffs, and all similarly situated, and it should remain in place nationwide as the putative class is nationwide and the balance of harms and the law do not differ from one area of the country to the next. The nationwide injunction will conserve judicial resources and protect the entire class equally as it is now doing.

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CASE: Feds for Medical Freedom, et al. v. Biden, et al.

COURT: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

DOCUMENT: No. 22-40043


FILED: February 19, 2022


February 19, 2022 | Brief Amici Curiae of James Rodden, Isaac McLaughlin, Gabriel Escoto, Michelle Ruth Morton, Waddie Burt Jones, Ryan Charles Biggers, Carole Leann Mezzacapo, Edward Bryan Surgeon, Susan Reynolds, Roy Kenneth Egbert, George Gammon, Doris Forshee, John Luff, April Hanson, Dan Parente and Steve Hanley in Support of Appellees
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