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Today’s students are tomorrow’s clerks, lawyers and judges, but they are not being taught the real truth about abuse by the Administrative State. That’s why NCLA offers a variety of opportunities and resources for students with a passion for defending civil liberties!

Win $10,000 for Your Student Note

NCLA President Mark Chenoweth presents Justin Marks of Ohio Northern Law School with the Student Note Award at NCLA’s King George III Award Extravaganza on June 1, 2023.

The annual NCLA Student Note Contest awards a prize of $10,000 for the best student note or comment related to a theme, such as government overreach as a response to public health crises or government co-opting the private sector to execute constitutional violations. To be considered, a submission must have been chosen for publication by a law review or similar journal at an accredited law school in the US. The $10,000 prize will be split evenly between the student who wrote the note and the journal that published it. The next submission deadline is April 15, 2024. Enter now!

Submissions are now open and this year’s competition will focus on the powers available to the government in dealing with a public health crisis like COVID. Shouldn’t there be limits on the government’s ability to enforce vaccine mandates? Does Jacobson v. Massachusetts really grant unlimited authority here? Does it matter whether the mandates allow exceptions for those with natural immunity?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia defended civil liberties from opposite ends of the jurisprudential spectrum. Their legendary friendship glowed as a beacon of collegiality in a world increasingly clouded by partisan rancor. To perpetuate their legacy and foster a culture of civility, the New Civil Liberties Alliance founded the Ginsburg-Scalia Fellowship, a prestigious summer program for select law students exploring the denial of our core constitutional rights—freedom of expression, freedom of association, religious liberty, due process, jury trial, and freedom from unreasonable search—by the Administrative State.

Fellows who complete the program receive an honorarium of $1,000.

Apply Now!

The 2023 Ginsburg-Scalia Fellows meet with Prof. Philip Hamburger in Washington, D.C.

NCLA provides more hands-on experience litigation experience than most other summer programs. Spend your time as a summer associate, performing legal research and drafting legal analysis on constitutional cases for real clients. See your work incorporated into appellate briefs, district court filings, and more! Plus, the summer in DC will offer you the chance to meet judges, government officials, and respected legal practitioners. See what our clerks and interns have to say about their experience.

Title IX College Kangaroo Courts Ruin Lives

If you study or work at a government-funded college and you are on the receiving end of a Title IX complaint, don’t expect justice to be served. Especially if you’ve been wrongfully accused. The New Civil Liberties Alliance is fighting for full and fair opportunity for people accused to challenge the validity of the charges filed against them. NCLA is suing these universities for violations of due process, and also has sued the Department of Education for forcing these universities to adopt such an unfair process. NCLA currently represents former faculty members Alyssa Reid against James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Dr. Mukund Vengalattore against Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Book us to address the most pressing civil liberties issues of our time with your club or school.

Statutory Misinterpretation: How the Department of Education Squinted at Title IX and Pretended ‘Sex’ Wasn’t Binary

By: Kaitlyn Schiraldi

June 6, 2024


How Could SCOTUS Get the CFPB Case So Wrong?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is funded uniquely and unconstitutionally. CFPB draws money directly from the earnings of the Federal Reserve System to carry out the bureau’s duties, completely sidestepping Congress's normal appropriations control. And yet, in a 7-2…


Swimming Against the Tide: Fighting Censorship and Compelled Speech in Women's Sports

Making the University of Pennsylvania women's swim team should have been the apex of Paula Scanlan's competitive swimming career. Instead, she was subjected to censorship, coercion, compelled speech, and a host of other indignities, all because she didn't think she…

The King George III Prize


The New Civil Liberties Alliance is proud to announce the annual King George III Prize – a campaign to call attention to the most egregious violations of our basic civil liberties by highlighting the people and institutions responsible for those abuses. In many cases, especially where the Administrative State is involved, the perpetrators are unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats protected by byzantine layers of regulatory process. Their violations are often hidden from public view, obfuscated by a lack of notice, circumvention of due process, and a damnably incurious press.

But no more! The King George III Prize is here to shine the light of transparency on these constitutional misdeeds! They say sunlight is the best disinfectant. Look on these execrable works, ye reader, and despise!

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