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Federal Judge Tosses Biden Admin's Effort to Stop Media Censorship Lawsuit

May 13, 2024
… Margot Cleveland, an attorney at the New Civil Liberties Alliance, which is representing Daily Wire and the Federalist in the case, told Newsmax that while the ruling is “only the first step in halting the State Department’s unconstitutional and ultra vires conduct, it represents an important first step in this case.” “That the Court…

US Government fails to shut down censorship case

May 12, 2024
Since December of last year, conservative American media outlets the Daily Wire and the Federalist have been suing the US Department of State for allegedly throttling their journalism in violation of the First Amendment. This week, in the lawsuit’s latest development, a judge, Jeremy Kernodle, denied the federal government’s request to have the case dismissed, and ordered expedited discovery in a…

Texas’ lawsuit claiming US helped censor conservative news can proceed

May 8, 2024
… Peggy Little, a lawyer for the media outlets at the New Civil Liberties Alliance, in a statement said the group “looks forward to expedited discovery on this unlawful weaponization of government resources and power.” … For the Daily Wire and The Federalist: Margaret Little of the New Civil Liberties Alliance…

Federal Judge Slaps Down Biden Administration’s Attempt To Dismiss Daily Wire Censorship Lawsuit

May 7, 2024
In a court order Tuesday, a U.S. District judge rejected the Biden State Department’s attempts to dismiss a censorship lawsuit brought by The Daily Wire, The Federalist, and the State of Texas. The Daily Wire lawsuit, filed jointly by the New Civil Liberties Alliance with The Federalist and Texas in December of 2023 to the U.S.…

Washington DC’s 500 Most Influential People of 2024

May 2, 2024
Here’s our list of the experts and advocates, outside the government, who are playing big roles in Washington’s policy debates. Our nation’s capital is full of people who aren’t elected but who shape the laws and policies that govern our nation and ultimately affect the course of history. Despite what the news says, the majority…

Meet the Lawyers Taking Big Government to the Supreme Court—And Winning

April 29, 2024
As the administrative state implements more regulations on Americans, a team of legal veterans has come together to fight the expansion of unelected government agency power. Sometimes, they even win. The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), which consists of a team of 27 lawyers and support staff, including former judges, had four of the cases…