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Governors Gone Wild: What Are They Up To Now?

NCLA Executive Director Mark Chenoweth led a raucous roundtable discussion with NCLA litigators regarding the continued violation of our constitutional rights by governors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also announced the state winner of our King George III Prize calling out the worst abuser of civil liberties in 2020!

We first addressed the issue last June, now we’re checking back in with NCLA litigators Harriet Hageman, Michael DeGrandis, Jared McClain, Caleb Kruckenberg, and Jenin Younes, who are hard at work taking legal action against governors and governments who have overstepped statutory authority, especially during the pandemic.

Despite the increasingly good news about the rate of infection and the unprecedented speed of vaccine deployment, many federal, state and local governments stubbornly refuse to let go of their stranglehold on our most precious civil liberties. NCLA continues to work overtime to restore the constitutional guardrails on the Administrative State’s pandemic response, and we‘ve had some victories in our fight to save civil liberties from power-mad governors we’d like to share. But there’s still lots of work yet to be done.