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Why the Govt Can't Use Social Media to Do Its Dirty Work

NCLA joined the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general in suing President Biden, Anthony Fauci, and HHS for their role in government-sponsored censorship. Discovery in State of Missouri ex rel. Schmitt, et al. v. Biden, et al. revealed just how much of Big Tech censorship is compelled or coerced by government actors behind the scenes—from the FBI to the White House, including public health autocrats like Fauci. This collusion between private companies and the government rises to the level of state action and poses a danger to free speech and the future of scientific inquiry.

NCLA Senior Litigation Counsel John Vecchione moderates a panel discussion with Jenin Younes, Litigation Counsel, who has led NCLA’s high-impact cases against government abuse during the pandemic; Mark Changizi, cognitive theoretical scientist and NCLA client, whose Twitter account was censored at the behest of bureaucrats at HHS; and Jill Hines, Co-Director of Health Freedom Louisiana, whose two social media accounts have experienced extensive censorship due to her Covid-19 viewpoints.