NCLA Internship Spotlight

Andrew Lee

Summer Law Clerk

Law School: Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Expected Graduation: 2022

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Campus Activities: The Federalist Society, Law Students for Life

Hobbies: playing the piano, weightlifting, mathematics, investing

What were your duties as an NCLA intern?

I wrote complaints and research memoranda. I also edited and citation-checked complaints, legal briefs, and motions.

What did you most enjoy about your internship?

I greatly enjoyed writing complaints. I learned to think about the judge and clients. My internship was very unusual because of COVID-19. So I enjoyed virtual happy hours and meetings where I got to know the team.

What interesting thing(s) did you learn about Administrative Law?

I learned how procedurally unprotected the citizens are when an administrative agency moves against them. I was also surprised by the vastness of Administrative Law.

How might you use what you’ve learned later in your professional career?

I began being mindful of the audience and developing my own style of legal prose. This will be a career-long education, and working for NCLA gave me a good foundation and direction.

Any advice for other students who want to intern at NCLA in the future?

I would recommend that they take the 1L legal writing course seriously.