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Dressen v. Flaherty

NCLA is challenging the federal government’s efforts to work in concert with social media companies and the Stanford Internet Observatory’s Virality Project to monitor and censor online support groups catering to those injured by COVID-19 vaccines. This sprawling censorship enterprise has combined the efforts of numerous federal agencies and government actors—including within the White House—to coerce and induce social media platforms to censor, suppress, and label as “misinformation” speech expressed by those who have suffered vaccine-related injuries.This state action is unlawful, and the government Defendants in this case must not be allowed to censor such free speech and free association.

NCLA represents Brianne Dressen, Shaun Barcavage, Kristi Dobbs, Nikki Holland, Suzanna Newell and Ernest Ramirez. All but Mr. Ramirez have suffered vaccine-related injuries. To be clear, these Plaintiffs are not anti-vaxxers. Ms. Dressen, for example, was injured by the AstraZeneca vaccine after she volunteered to participate in vaccine trials for that vaccine. Mr. Ramirez received a Moderna vaccine himself without incident but then lost his 16-year-old son to vaccine-induced cardiac arrest five days after Ernest, Jr. received the Pfizer vaccine. While such vaccine injuries may be rare, further research is necessary to establish the incidence of serious, even fatal, side effects for these still-new vaccines. Meanwhile, the First Amendment forbids Defendants from suppressing the speech and association rights of innocent victims who are just seeking to commiserate with other sufferers.

Plaintiff Ernest Ramirez and his son, Ernesto, who collapsed and died 5 days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. He is joined in bringing this suit by Bri Dressen, Shaun Barcavage, Suzanna Newell, Nikki Holland, and Kristi Dobbs, each of whom has their own story of being silenced.

Margaret A. Little
Senior Litigation Counsel
Casey Norman
Litigation Counsel

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