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Fredricks v. CIGIE

For three years, Joseph V. Cuffari, a presidentially-appointed and Senate-confirmed Inspector General (IG), had been endlessly harassed and had his office’s resources drained by a series of baseless inquiries headed by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s (CIGIE) Integrity Committee (IC). IGs are designed by law to be independent, and the agencies they oversee are not permitted to interfere with their investigations. The IC and its persecutory approach were unlawfully interfering with Plaintiffs’ legal responsibilities.

NCLA filed a lawsuit representing IG Cuffari; Kristen Fredricks, Chief of Staff for IG Cuffari and Acting Deputy IG for External Affairs; James M. Read, Chief Counsel to IG Cuffari; and Joseph E. Gangloff, a former Deputy Director of the Office of Government Ethics. The vexatious CIGIE/IC investigations into the Plaintiffs had a chilling effect on their work and actions. Plaintiffs were forced to spend thousands in attorney fees to defend themselves against baseless charges surrounding their official actions. These investigations also undermined or ignored the due process rights to which federal law entitles these individuals.

John J. Vecchione
Senior Litigation Counsel
Greg Dolin
Senior Litigation Counsel

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