NCLA is Challenging Covid-19 Regulations and Orders Imposed by Executive Decree

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a threat not only to the health and safety of Americans, but also to our way of life. Under the aegis of public safety, federal, state and local governments have violated constitutional law by implementing regulations and emergency orders by executive decree.

As elected leaders and bureaucrats have taken turns trampling civil rights under foot, NCLA has been working overtime to restore the constitutional guardrails on the Administrative State’s pandemic response.


U.S. Supreme Ct. Validates NCLA Argument that CDC’s Eviction Moratorium Lacks Statutory Authority

 Brown, Rondeau, Krausz, Jones and the National Apartment Association v. CDC


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MSU Shot Mandate Tramples Liberty

Among the most bizarre aspects of an undeniably strange past 18 months has been the refusal of the media, as well as various governmental entities and public health authorities, to acknowledge the existence of naturally acquired immunity in the context of COVID-19.

Peaceable Assembly: Accept No Substitute

Aristotle told us that humans are social animals—interaction with each other is essential to our wellbeing. Technology has enabled us to communicate with family, friends, and associates cheaply, easily, and instantaneously around the globe, which is great. But FaceTime is not a substitute for gathering together, face-to-face in the same place and at the same time, to share a laugh, a meal, a story, a disagreement, or just to sit there quietly.

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