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SCOTUS Overturns ATF’s Bump Stock Ban, Agency Cannot Rewrite Criminal Law

The Cargill case is a big victory, described by David Lat in Original Jurisdiction as one of the biggest Supreme Court cases of the term. This important decision checks the Administrative State: an agency may not regulate beyond its statutory authorization. Agency overreach is a recurring problem that needs a systemic solution. If agencies like ATF suffer no penalty for overstepping their statutory authority, they will keep doing it repeatedly.

What will you learn about watching the discussion?

1. NCLA’s legal arguments that led the Court to rule in favor of NCLA’s stance that the ATF’s bump-stock ban conflicts with the federal statute defining “machine guns.”

2. The details of the Supreme Court’s decision and how it reaffirms Congress as the sole author of criminal laws.

3. How this decision will influence future rulings aimed at curbing the runaway Administrative State.


NCLA President Mark Chenoweth


Rich Samp, Seasoned constitutional appellate litigator and member of the NCLA Board of Advisors

John Ohlendorf, Partner, Cooper & Kirk

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