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What Missouri v. Biden Means for Free Speech

Join NCLA for a timely discussion of the dramatic July 4 injunction handed down by Judge Terry Doughty of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. The injunction comes in the case of Missouri v. Biden, a lawsuit brought by NCLA along with Missouri and Louisiana against a vast array of federal agencies for their invidious efforts to censor the free expression of Americans on social media. The facts we uncovered are incredible: a massive censorship enterprise of unparalleled scope coming from scores of bureaucrats and agencies throughout the Administrative State, all designed to crush dissent and stifle any ideas (even true statements) the government found inconvenient.

NCLA Senior Litigator John Vecchione moderates the discussion between Zhonette Brown, who have litigated this case on behalf of the individual clients represented by NCLA, and John Sauer, Principal at James Otis Law Group, LLC, originally represented Missouri in the case as the state’s Solicitor General, and now represents Louisiana. He previously also served as Deputy Attorney General for Special Litigation for Missouri.