Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Administrative State?

Most Americans do not realize that Congress today enacts fewer than one hundred statutes per year, handling over the task of legislating to federal administrative agencies. This Administrative State now creates, enforces and adjudicates hundreds of thousands of regulations governing daily activities in our lives.

How does NCLA choose its cases or take legal Action?

NCLA is unique in that we only focus on cases where the Administrative State violates the civil liberties of Americans. The vast majority of our cases fall into the following categories: Judicial Deference Doctrines (Auer, Chevron and others); Administrative Restrictions of Speech; Agency Guidance Abuse; Structure of Government; and Unconstitutional Conditions on Spending.

Where can I contact NCLA for a media interview?

To arrange interviews with our attorneys and subject matter experts, please visit our Media Inquiries page.

Does NCLA offer internships?

NCLA offers internships during the summer and school semesters. Our interns gain real world experience through our program. Our clerkships offer the law student or rising attorney the opportunity to learn about the perils of the Administrative State while supporting our litigators with research, drafting legal documents and participating in litigation development. In addition, our interns meet influencers in the legal field including judges and legal scholars. We are always looking for students interested in non-paid internships to participate in our program. See what our interns are saying about their experience at NCLA. Click here to apply.

How does NCLA protect Americans from the Administrative State?

NCLA is a nonpartisan nonprofit civil rights organization founded by prominent legal scholar, Philip Hamburger to protect constitutional freedoms from violations by the Administrative State. NCLA’s public-interest litigation and other pro bono advocacy represents clients with standing to sue government agencies and put a stop to unlawful practices. Read more about our mission and watch  our video.

How can I receive updates from NCLA?

NCLA delivers unique content right to your inbox so that you can stay informed of upcoming events and how NCLA continues the fight against the Administrative State. Sign up here. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Where can I find out about job openings at NCLA?

You can find information about open job searches on our Careers page.

What are some other ways to get involved with NCLA?

NCLA hosts a Lunch & Law speaker series where we invite dynamic panelists to address the problems with the Administrative State and cases brought about as a result of its threat to our civil liberties. These events are held monthly at NCLA’s Washington, DC headquarters. Sign up to receive alerts regarding upcoming events!