NCLA Internship Spotlight

Madeleine Case

Summer Law Clerk


Law School: Georgetown University Law Center

Expected Graduation: 2021

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Campus Activities: Barrister’s Council (Trial Advocacy Division); Women’s Legal Alliance; Disability Rights D.C. (pro bono)

Hobbies: Reading (fiction, mystery, politics); Running (half-marathon); Writing (creative writing)

What were your duties as an NCLA intern?

I regularly conduct legal research, write memoranda of law and portions of appellate briefs. I also help attorneys identify and capitalize on litigation opportunities for separation-of-powers issues and the Administrative State.

What did you most enjoy about your internship?

I really admire everyone that I work with. Besides being extremely talented at what they do, they are also incredibly nice and genuine people.

What interesting thing(s) did you learn about Administrative Law?

I continue to be amazed by how much of the average American’s day-to-day life is affected by Administrative Law. Since I started here, I have become even more passionate about protecting civil liberties against processes that are too often one-sided.

How might you use what you’ve learned later in your professional career?

I pick up nuggets of wisdom about litigation from the attorneys that I work with that I write down in my notebook for the future. I have also become a much faster and more effective legal researcher.

Any advice for other students who want to intern at NCLA in the future?

Passion is important; if you have it, show it!

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