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SEC Critics Preview Future Challenges To Agency Action

April 23, 2024
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission may face new challenges to its enforcement authority from the way it imposes industry bars to the burden of proof needed to bring its civil cases, two frequent legal opponents of the agency said Tuesday. Russ Ryan, senior litigation counsel at the New Civil Liberties Alliance, and Nick Morgan,…

SEC hit with new lawsuit alleging ‘mass surveillance’ of Americans through stock market data

April 21, 2024
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is illegally collecting data of every citizen who invests in the stock market, according to a new lawsuit. The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) filed the suit Tuesday against the SEC claiming that the agency, through its “Consolidated Audit Trail,” or “CAT,” program, is collecting mass amounts of personally identifiable…

Lawsuit Seeks To Stop The SEC’s Decade-Long Assault On Your Investment Data And Basic Rights

April 16, 2024
A new lawsuit exposes an extreme and multifaceted disregard for the Constitution by the administrative state. The Securities and Exchange Commission unconstitutionally mandated the seizure of data of every purchase or sale of securities in the U.S. markets, a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a Texas federal court alleged. The lawsuit, Davidson v. SEC, challenges the Consolidated…

OPINION: The Securities and Exchange Commission Is Watching You

April 15, 2024
The Securities and Exchange Commission is deploying a massive government database—the Consolidated Audit Trail, or CAT—that monitors in real time the identity, transactions and investment portfolio of everyone who invests in the stock market. As SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce describes it, by allowing the commission to “watch investors’ every move in real time,” CAT will make it…

Doctors Say MSU Vax Mandate Suit Needs High Court Review

April 8, 2024
Three doctors urged the U.S. Supreme Court to take up a case challenging Michigan State University’s vaccine mandate after the Sixth Circuit backed the suit’s dismissal, arguing that the circuit court should have applied a stricter standard when considering whether the government could interfere with patients’ medical decisions…

Biden Details Student Loan ‘Plan B’ as He Woos Young Voters

April 8, 2024
President Joe Biden offered details of a sweeping alternative student debt plan that would offer relief to tens of millions of American borrowers during a visit to the college town of Madison, Wisconsin, as he seeks to excite young voters frustrated after his original program was struck down by the Supreme Court. Biden’s “Plan B” would see…