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‘Vindictive Operation’: Oldest Federal Judge Speaks Out Against Colleagues’ Effort To Remove Her From The Bench

March 13, 2024

… Newman passed examinations by two medical professionals, though the judicial council dismissed their validity, according to the New Civil Liberties Alliance…

Moore’s order last year quickly sparked due process concerns: should the judges who are accusing Newman be the same ones investigating? Former Federal Circuit Chief Judge Paul Michel sounded the alarm in July about Moore and the others acting as “as accuser, investigator, prosecutor, and judge,” an issue Newman herself raised in the lawsuit.

The clerk’s office told the DCNF that Moore did not have a comment on the case.

“That is just not how it is done in any kind of free world,” NCLA Senior Litigation Counsel Greg Dolin, Newman’s attorney, told the DCNF. “And that is why every single case that we have been able to find where a circuit judge’s behavior or abilities are concerned, and it has been transferred to Judicial Counsel of a different circuit precisely to avoid this very problem.”

Originally Published in Daily Caller