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House Republicans Shine A Light On The Feds’ Egregious Censorship-Industrial Complex

December 13, 2023

… Also highlighted during Wednesday’s hearing was Missouri v. Biden, an ongoing court case to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court that documents efforts by the Biden administration to coerce Big Tech platforms to engage in similar censorship activities. In his testimony, Mark Chenoweth, president of the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), noted how the federal government pressured social media platforms into censoring Americans “who dared to express rational and scientifically accurate views about the Covid-19 virus and the vaccines” and in doing so, violated their First Amendment rights. NCLA is representing the individual plaintiffs in Missouri v. Biden.

“Indeed, I daresay there are some in this room—on both sides of the aisle—who brush away the monumental efforts of the Biden Administration to squelch speech on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites as merely the actions of private companies. Not so,” Chenoweth said. “When the government coerces or pressures a company with inducements or threats and the company responds by crushing private individuals, that is state action, and the First Amendment forbids it.”


Originally Published in The Federalist