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Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era ban on bump stocks on guns

June 14, 2024

… The ban was challenged by a Texas gun store owner, Michael Cargill, who purchased two of the devices in 2018, turned them over to the government after the prohibition was implemented and then promptly sued to get them back. The federal rule made possession of a bump stock a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison…

Randy Kozuch, the head of the National Rifle Association’s legislative arm, said on Friday that the court “has properly restrained executive branch agencies to their role of enforcing, and not making, the law.”

… Mark Chenoweth, president of the New Civil Liberties Alliance, the group that represented Cargill, also applauded the decision.

“The statute Congress passed did not ban bump stocks, and ATF does not have the power to do so on its own,” Chenoweth said. “This result is completely consistent with the Constitution’s assignment of all legislative power to Congress. Bump-stock opponents should direct any views at Congress, not the Court, which faithfully applied the statute in front of it.”

Originally Published in CNN

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