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US State Department funds censorship firms that favor left-wing media, NY Post on ‘risky’ list: lawsuit

December 7, 2023

… The Federalist and the Daily Wire — a pair of self-described “right of center media” groups — jointly filed the complaint with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and the New Civil Liberties Alliance, a nonprofit civil rights group, in the US Eastern District of Texas on Wednesday….

A representative for the Federalist and the Daily Wire at the New Civil Liberties Alliance reiterated to The Post that their “lawsuit seeks to halt the State Department’s ultra vires and unconstitutional censorship scheme.”

“The State Department lacks any authority to operate domestically, as it is doing currently with its Global Engagement Center. Unfortunately, though, our federal government’s efforts to censor the disfavored media, such as the New Civil Liberties Alliance’s clients, extends much beyond the State Department.”

A public statement from the Daily Wire reiterated the sentiment. “The Biden administration is illegally funding organizations with the stated goal of financially crippling media outlets whose coverage does not walk in lockstep with the government’s ideological agenda,” the news site said….

Originally Published in New York Post