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Amicus Brief: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. v. Walther, Dir., and Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

January 1, 1970
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NCLA asks the Arkansas Supreme Court to stop judges in the state from giving “great deference” to the Department of Finance and Administration in a post-2009 Arkansas tax procedure case. Granting “great deference” to an agency’s statutory interpretations violates both the state and federal Constitutions because it requires judges to abandon both their duty of…

Setting the Record Straight on Reining in Big Tech

By: Philip Hamburger January 1, 1970
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Last weekend, we published an essay in the Wall Street Journal arguing that Big Tech services and platforms that function as conduits for the speech of others can constitutionally be subject to state civil-rights statutes barring viewpoint discrimination. One reason for this is that they are akin to common carriers. State antidiscrimination statutes would merely…
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